Here is what some of the Patrons had to say about the show!

“Really enjoyed it. Great girl’s night out. Well done to all especially the three great actresses.”

-Olga Foley

“Went to see Tinder The Comedy tonight. Laughed from start to finish. What a great show, the girls were brilliant! 5 Stars”

-Karen Lee

“Highly Recommend, brilliantly funny & laughed from start to finish. Well done to the 3 talented girls!”

-Jill Tunney

“So funny from start to finish. Well done girls, great show!”

-Janice Jones

“Great show! The girls were hilarious from start to finish. My friend and I were in tears laughing!”

-Suzanne O’Reilly

“Highly recommended, hilarious & a great night out with the girls. Laughed from start to finish!”

-Sandra Nolan